Vaxstation 4000 m60 and NetBSD

Marco Rauhut marco at
Sun Dec 17 05:25:55 CST 2017

Hello List,

i playing arround with my Vaxstation 4000 60....

This is a System with 40 MB Ram, 1GB Hdd, a VGA Monitor, LK201 Keyboard, 
VSXXXAA.B03 Mouse, and a external SCSI-CDROm dirve.

With OpenVMS installed on it i have the grafical DecWindows System running.

Now i have installed NetBSD 7.1 from CD via the RS232 Consoleport.

My two problems now are:

1.) It is not posible to switch the console from RS232 to the VGA 
Monitor and Keyboard. If i switch the S3 switch in down position i can 
only see the NetBSD Kernel decompression. After that i see nothing on 
VGA and RS232 console. The System starts up anyway. After some time it 
is possible to connect via LAN.

2.) Is it posible to run the NetBSD X.Org on that sort of Vaxstation? If 
yes... Whats to do to get that running? I Think i have to fix my point 1 

Marco Rauhut

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