Vaxstation 4000 m60 and NetBSD

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Sun Dec 17 05:47:05 CST 2017

> 1.) It is not posible to switch the console from RS232 to the VGA
> Monitor and Keyboard. If i switch the S3 switch in down position i can
> only see the NetBSD Kernel decompression. After that i see nothing on
> VGA and RS232 console. The System starts up anyway. After some time it
> is possible to connect via LAN.

Very few frame buffers are supported in NetBSD - you will need to check
the hardware support list. Even if it is supported, you will only be
able to use it as a text-console. To put progress into perspective, I
think support for hardware assisted smooth scrolling has only just been

> 2.) Is it posible to run the NetBSD X.Org on that sort of Vaxstation? If
> yes... Whats to do to get that running? I Think i have to fix my point 1
> first.

NetBSD includes the libraries to run X applications, but no Xserver, so
you can only display graphics over the network, nothing locally.

Hope that helps. I haven't played about with it for about a year so I
might have remembered some things wrong. I'm sure someone will correct
me if that's the case :)


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