RL02 weirdness

Aaron Jackson aaron at aaronsplace.co.uk
Sun Dec 17 11:55:34 CST 2017

>> I wonder if you fell into the 'trap for the unwary' here. The heads are named by
>> the direction they face. So the upper head, nearest the top of the drive, is
>> the 'down' had as it faces down onto the platter. Similarly the lower
>> head is the
>> 'up' head. Yes, it confused me at first,
> I'm not sure, because the labels on the female connector says up or
> down, as does the circuit board. So I connected them so up->up and
> down->down, which resulted in this crash. So maybe the person who used
> it before me fell into the trap you mention, failed to get it to work,
> and then ended up with me in a none-working state?

I just checked and it looks like they are in correctly. The head for the
top-side of the platter is labelled down, and the lower head is facing
up. The only thing I changed is connecting up->up and down->down.

So, I'm not sure. I cleaned the packs well a while back - I'm just
hoping there wasn't something left over which caused the crash.


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