MicroVAX I Diagnostic floppies

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 12:50:39 CST 2017

Hi all --

I'm attempting to resurrect a MicroVAX I (because it's there, that's why)
and the CPU appears to have developed a fault.  Microverify passes at
powerup, but I can't get VMS to boot (it dies with a SYSBOOT-F-Unexpected
Machine Check almost immediately).  Also tried Ultrix and it dies shortly
after enumerating disks.  I know the memory and disk controllers are fine,
and there's nothing else in the system at the moment, so unless anyone has
any bright ideas, I think I'm going to need to debug the CPU.

I'm trying to track down the diagnostics for this machine, no luck so far.
Anyone have a copy sitting around somewhere?  I believe there were two RX50
floppies for this purpose, DEC part numbers BL-T856A-DE and BL-T857A-DE.

Thanks as always,

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