tumble tiff to pdf converter

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Wed Dec 20 03:40:27 CST 2017

Has anyone tried to build tumble on Ubuntu 16?  I've used the libtiff, 
libpbm and the like that are included in the current system as 
installed, and there are problems now with the tumble_pbm.c code 
parameters (line 237 specifically).

I had built up and saved a build with my own downloaded and built 
libtiff and libpbm, but those packages won't build anymore either.

Hoping not to rathole Al maybe Eric?  someone else who is using it to 
convert tiff to pdfs.  I've scanned some stuff and would prefer to use 
the full bitsavers toolchain, as well as have notes on how to build 
going forward.

I'll flail on it more if noone is interested, but spent enough times 
tonight trying to build it before asking.


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