Miss categorized DEC box on ebay

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 12:23:16 CST 2017

I've never seen a blue tinted front cover from DEC.  I've never seen one like
that with screw holes exposed from the front.  And if you look real close it
appears to have little rubber feet on the bottom.

Which still leaves the question of what if anything is inside that box.  $250
is a lot to pay for a QBUS backplane and a PSU.  I've paid less for entire
running systems.


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    > From: Bill Gunshannon

    > At best, it's a third part QBUS box.

I assume that was 'third party'?

No, that's a real DEC front panel. They could have put that on an off-brand
chassis, but I would _guess_ not.

(The outer housing I can see looks like the slide-in ones DEC used to hold
the BA11-N/BA11-S, but I don't recall what the housing for the BA11-M's
looked like.)

For some reason the BA11-M's seem to have been going for more than the
BA11-N's. Dunno why, maybe the original LSI-11's have some sort of appeal?


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