Miss categorized DEC box on ebay

Adrian Stoness tdk.knight at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 12:38:34 CST 2017

anyone look through what els he has?
someone here might like this

On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 12:23 PM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk <
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> I've never seen a blue tinted front cover from DEC.  I've never seen one
> like
> that with screw holes exposed from the front.  And if you look real close
> it
> appears to have little rubber feet on the bottom.
> Which still leaves the question of what if anything is inside that box.
> $250
> is a lot to pay for a QBUS backplane and a PSU.  I've paid less for entire
> running systems.
> bill
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>     > From: Bill Gunshannon
>     > At best, it's a third part QBUS box.
> I assume that was 'third party'?
> No, that's a real DEC front panel. They could have put that on an off-brand
> chassis, but I would _guess_ not.
> (The outer housing I can see looks like the slide-in ones DEC used to hold
> the BA11-N/BA11-S, but I don't recall what the housing for the BA11-M's
> looked like.)
> For some reason the BA11-M's seem to have been going for more than the
> BA11-N's. Dunno why, maybe the original LSI-11's have some sort of appeal?
>         Noel

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