FS: New-Old Stock S-100 Kits: Cromemco Dazzler & ZPU, IMSAI FIF-XA, PT VDM-1 & more!

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 22:06:30 CST 2017

Hello again, Folks!

I came across a pretty amazing find in my stuff that I didn't even know I
had and have no recollection from where I got them. It's a box of unbuilt
S-100 board kits. Some of the kits are complete (board, parts,
documentation), others might be missing the documentation or components.
And then I have a bunch of bare boards, including a fair number of
prototyping boards.

I created an unboxing video, which can be watched here:


Complete information including links to photos and pricing can be found
here on my new dedicated S-100 sales thread on the VCFed forums:


Scroll down to the third post for the newly posted S-100 kits.

Please inquire directly to me via e-mail for fastest results.



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