Restoring a VT50 (VT52 actually) .

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Dec 24 06:09:56 CST 2017

    > From: Mattis Lind

    > Unfortunately I am not having any lutfisk this year. The rest of the
    > family is not very fond of it.

I"m glad to see there are _some_ non-crazy people there! :-)

Anway, I can way top that - the tradition Bermudian Christmas dish is cassava
pie: make that wrong (starting with raw cassava root), and it will _kill_
you! :-)

(Cassava root contains a cyanide precursor. That's what cassava root is
banned for human consumption in Japan. Somewhat ironic, the land of 'fugu'
banning it! :-)


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