To the 2901 bit slicers out there

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Wed Dec 27 22:35:44 CST 2017

Since I know there's tons of PDP/11 geniuses here, and other gurus with a NOVA 4, and a Tektronix 4052 guy (I have the 4051):

What have you done, with microprogramming this part?  In your architecture,  have you changed the microcode, create an instruction to enhance your machine?

I would be interested in any hardware projects, stories (or even in the FPGA, I hear its a popular thing to copy);

I read all of Donnamaies pages, and planing to hook up, breadboard the eval kit, perhaps reproduce the PCB if you guys are interested.

What about the coding tools?  ADASM?  Looks long gone, how do you do microcode today?

If I forget the soldering iron, can anyone show me an example on a Xilinx board, ISE, Vivado that uses the original AMD 2900 architecture?

Donnamaie E. White - AMD 2900 Family, Bit-Slice; Am2900 ...<>
Lecture Monograph updated. The AMD 2900 Family (Am2900) Bit-Slice and other devices were supported by a number of high-level application notes. (Generated by the AMD ...

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