Non-Yahoo MTS Mailing Lists

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at
Sat Dec 30 20:01:52 CST 2017

Are any of you aware of an MTS mailing list that lives outside of the
execrable Yahoo groups environment?  And if not, is there any interest in
starting one?

Meanwhile, if there are any MTS hacks on the list, I have a question:

When running *SAV or *SVW, what are the labels the system is expecting for the
FSnnnn tapes?  I tried the obvious - FS2001 for the FS2001 tape prompted
for - but no luck there.  Then again, maybe I'm not labeling the tapes

This is under Hercules.

  hetinit -d FS2001 MTS

doesn't cut it.  I also tried running *lbh against that tape (to give it the
same label), but no luck there, either.

The MTS operator's guide doesn't have anything to say about daily/weekly
backups, other than the cryptic notes on the *SAV and *SVW files, and I can't
find anything else as I dig through the rest of the online system docs.



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