Non-Yahoo MTS Mailing Lists

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at
Sun Dec 31 01:27:49 CST 2017

 Seeing as the folks who set up the original distribution are on the Yahoo
list it's the best place to ask questions.  I assume you don't want to set
up a Yahoo account? Facebook perhaps?
(I think I own the yahoo H390-MTS group but its been quiet for ages)

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> Subject: Non-Yahoo MTS Mailing Lists
> Are any of you aware of an MTS mailing list that lives outside of the
> Yahoo groups environment?  And if not, is there any interest in starting
> Meanwhile, if there are any MTS hacks on the list, I have a question:
> When running *SAV or *SVW, what are the labels the system is expecting for
> the FSnnnn tapes?  I tried the obvious - FS2001 for the FS2001 tape
> for - but no luck there.  Then again, maybe I'm not labeling the tapes
> properly.
> This is under Hercules.
>   hetinit -d FS2001 MTS
> doesn't cut it.  I also tried running *lbh against that tape (to give it
the same
> label), but no luck there, either.
> The MTS operator's guide doesn't have anything to say about daily/weekly
> backups, other than the cryptic notes on the *SAV and *SVW files, and I
> find anything else as I dig through the rest of the online system docs.
> $HELP ?
> --lyndon

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