DEC quad board rack

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Dec 31 08:32:28 CST 2017

So, I've been making wooden racks to hold a lot of my DEC boards, and I've
finally come up with a nice design for one, which holds quad boards:

which holds them vertically.

It's much better than the dual rack next to it, which holds them
horizontally, which has the issue that the distance between the sides needs
to be absolutely perfect, otherwise the boards tend to drop out of their
slots. With the boards held vertically, it's much less sensitive.

If anyone's interested in building one, I can whip up a drawing. (Note that
the slots are offset slightly to the left because one needs different
clearances for the solder and component sides.)

The one shown uses 3 pieces of 1"x8"x6' (not sure what that translates to in
that new-fangled French stuff :-). It would be tricky to make without a
radial-arm saw, though - although I suppose a router with a small bit could
be used, albeit tedious.


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