DEC quad board rack

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> So, I've been making wooden racks to hold a lot of my DEC boards, and I've
> finally come up with a nice design for one, which holds quad boards:
> which holds them vertically.
> It's much better than the dual rack next to it, which holds them
> which has the issue that the distance between the sides needs to be
> perfect, otherwise the boards tend to drop out of their slots. With the
> held vertically, it's much less sensitive.
> If anyone's interested in building one, I can whip up a drawing. (Note
that the
> slots are offset slightly to the left because one needs different
clearances for
> the solder and component sides.)
> The one shown uses 3 pieces of 1"x8"x6' (not sure what that translates to
> that new-fangled French stuff :-). It would be tricky to make without a
> arm saw, though - although I suppose a router with a small bit could be
> albeit tedious.

That is a really nice idea if you have a lot of boards. I don't have quite
that many, but I do have a few. I am going to be re-organising myself soon,
so I may do something like this. Thanks for the idea.



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