Attaching SIMH devices without halting simulation?

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Sun Dec 31 16:25:54 CST 2017

> On Dec 31, 2017, at 14:10, william degnan <billdegnan at> wrote:
> I thought you set all devices you planned to use "online" so you could mount them later?  I don't simh vax much so thanks for the correction as to the procedure.  I mostly do pdp8 or pdp11 stuff, or esoteric hardware.

That's what I'd generally do for things like fixed disks. But in normal use of, say, a VAX running VMS, you'll want to be able to change tapes without rebooting the whole system in order to restart SIMH with a different configuration file. Even on a simulated PDP-11 running RT-11, you might want to swap out simulated floppies in one of the RX02 drives, for example.

Pausing a simulated PDP-11 running RT-11 momentarily to attach a different image isn't a big deal, because the system was probably sitting idle, anyway. But halting a VAX that's serving as a DECnet area router or a cluster disk server just to swap a tape or disk pack is not ideal.

Anyway, the remote console feature appears to do exactly what I want. Yay!

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