Non-Yahoo MTS Mailing Lists

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at
Sun Dec 31 18:12:52 CST 2017

> Lyndon,
> Seeing as the folks who set up the original distribution are on the Yahoo
> list it's the best place to ask questions.  I assume you don't want to set
> up a Yahoo account? Facebook perhaps?

I did fight my way thought the Yahoo interface to get onto at least one of 
the MTS groups via the mailing list interface.  But after falling off that 
a couple of times, for unknown reasons, I gave up.  And as I mentioned, 
the Yahoo Groups web interface is just too horrible to contemplate.

And no, I don't do Facebook, either.  But that wouldn't make a difference 
in this case.

I pine for the simplicity of mailing lists.  Then again, Yahoo, as 
co-instigators of DMARC, are ensuring the end of mailing lists as we've 
known and loved them for the past three decades.


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