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Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Wed Feb 1 04:36:00 CST 2017

> It's COURYHOUSE[sic]'s fault. His email setup doesn't comply with best
> practices and so Gmail and other mail systems reject messages from him.

What you say may be true but I do not believe this is the root of the problem.
(I also find it hard to see how you know whether Gmail and other mail systems
reject messages from him unless he told you this.  There is a big difference
between "messages from him" and "messages posted by him to a mailing list".)

> Ask him to fix his email setup. I think it's because he is essentially
> spoofing the from address and using a different SMTP relay? I don't
> remember.

By the time Gmail gets to see postings to the mailing list, they are coming
from the cctech mailing list server, not from an AOL mailserver or my
mailserver or anybody else's mailserver.  If Gmail is noticing that mails
with an AOL from address are coming from a non-AOL mailserver, they should
be noticing the same thing about all the other mails posted to the mailing
list.  None of them (except maybe postings from Jay) are coming from the
mailservers associated with the from address - they are all from the cctech
mailing list server.

Should Gmail should be regarding all cctech mailing list mails as having
spoofed from addresses because the from addresses are not in the
classiccmp.org domain? If not, why only some of them?

Does Gmail have tech support that might explain exactly why they are bouncing
mailing list emails for you when other mailing list subscribers are able to
receive them with no problems?

I guess when you use a free mail service like Gmail, you get to put up with
whatever way they want to do things and they feel they are not under any
obligation to tell you what they are doing in any great detail or to
justify it other than to say "we think it works great".

Peter Coghlan

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