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It fails DMARC verification. AOL has published. Google knows the original sender was an AOL.COM address. It faILS.


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> > It's COURYHOUSE[sic]'s fault. His email setup doesn't comply with best
> > practices and so Gmail and other mail systems reject messages from him.
> >
> What you say may be true but I do not believe this is the root of the problem.
> (I also find it hard to see how you know whether Gmail and other mail
> systems reject messages from him unless he told you this.  There is a big
> difference between "messages from him" and "messages posted by him to a
> mailing list".)
> >
> > Ask him to fix his email setup. I think it's because he is essentially
> > spoofing the from address and using a different SMTP relay? I don't
> > remember.
> >
> By the time Gmail gets to see postings to the mailing list, they are coming
> from the cctech mailing list server, not from an AOL mailserver or my
> mailserver or anybody else's mailserver.  If Gmail is noticing that mails with an
> AOL from address are coming from a non-AOL mailserver, they should be
> noticing the same thing about all the other mails posted to the mailing list.
> None of them (except maybe postings from Jay) are coming from the
> mailservers associated with the from address - they are all from the cctech
> mailing list server.
> Should Gmail should be regarding all cctech mailing list mails as having
> spoofed from addresses because the from addresses are not in the
> classiccmp.org domain? If not, why only some of them?
> Does Gmail have tech support that might explain exactly why they are
> bouncing mailing list emails for you when other mailing list subscribers are
> able to receive them with no problems?
> I guess when you use a free mail service like Gmail, you get to put up with
> whatever way they want to do things and they feel they are not under any
> obligation to tell you what they are doing in any great detail or to justify it
> other than to say "we think it works great".
> Regards,
> Peter Coghlan

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