I hate the new mail system

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> Subject: I hate the new mail system
> OK, it's official.  I rarely criticize mail interfaces, because they're
> mostly innocuous.  However, today's change makes life a lot more
> In the past, it was simple to direct a reply to an individual instead of
to the list
> because the originator's address was right there in the From: header.  As
> today, the list address is substituted for that, so that it is impossible
> respond privately unless you happen to have a bunch of old messages
> archived and the person to whom you want to respond is someone who has
> written previously.

"reply all" seems to put the original sender and the list in the "to:"

> Is this a conscious choice, or a configurable with a different default
setting in
> a new mail system than was previously in place?  However it came to be, it
> greatly diminishes communications quality (IMAO).

I suspect its to do with SPF records where domains publish a list of servers
authorised to send mails "from" a certain domain in the DNS.
Leaving the sender in gets the list server black-listed and the mail will be
bounced by the many servers that check SPF records.

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