DEC color standards was: Re: Banner Panels

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jan 2 15:23:46 CST 2017

On Mon, 2 Jan 2017, Charles Dickman wrote:
> My motivation was for no other reason than to see what the colors
> looked like on a web page.
> The page shows what DEC used and that was Munsell and/or Ostwald
> notation along with one Pantone and a couple paint manufacturers and
> colors. That is all documented in DEC Std092. There are many other
> color part numbers documented there, but most are references to OEM
> customer colors.

Thank you!
That explains the discussion, and makes perfect sense.

I finally got around to looking at your page.  It is superb!

(And, The Red Car is a glorious memory of wonderful times)
It is especially amazing that the red pigment has held up so well!

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