National Semiconductor IMP mini

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On 1/2/2017 8:08 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> On 1/2/17 7:58 PM, Brad H wrote:
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>> On 1/2/17 7:22 PM, jim stephens wrote:
>>> This system looks pretty interesting, though pricey. I'm thinking it
>>> is going to be a development machine as all the switches and display
>>> would not probably have been on a production machine.
>>> I don't think National made many minicomputer format machines, in
>>> their history, someone correct me.  That might make this pretty rare
>>> on that front as well.
>>> thanks
>>> Jim
>>> Beautiful-1974-NATIONAL-SEMICONDUCTOR-COMPUTER-model-imp-16p/
>> Yeah, it's pretty cool but I don't think the seller has reasonable
>> expectations for actually selling it -- the auction started (I believe)
>> at $1500 (which may have been a reasonable price), then the seller
>> raised it to $2500, now it's at $3500 (which is fairly outrageous, in my
>>> opinion).  I'm not sure what his strategy is.
>>> Bitsavers has manuals (of course...)
>>> - Josh
>> I think he figured toggle switches and lights = $$$$.  He might be 
>> correct, given the obscene money I've seen laid out just for a PDP 
>> 8/e faceplate. You never know a) what will motivate a collector and 
>> b) when just the right collector for a given item will show up.  
>> Every day I thank my lucky stars they didn't, for whatever reason, 
>> show up for my Mark-8 boards.
> With the "No shipping cash on pickup" proviso the seller provides, I 
> feel fairly certain no one's biting.  But I've been surprised before...
> - Josh

I also passed on a PDP8/M he had, which was quite rangy then posted this 
auction.  I had not come across the listing from before.

The "Oh it must be worth a fortune", even canceling an auction 2 weeks 
ago on me.  I didn't think to pay for it on auction closing, since I'd 
been sniping it, or I could have really reamed the seller.  I have not 
gotten a straight response from them since then.

I would not have noted this other than what i think is a rarity. Sad 
that the guy is holding it hostage from someone who could get hold of it 
and run it.  I think there is one in the CHM collection from what i was 
told when I checked on it before sharing here, so there is one 
preserved.  However would be interesting to see one in such as Josh's or 
Ian's hands running.  (or many others, just share a lot with them and 
they are lighting blink'n lights more than me right now).


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