National Semiconductor IMP mini

Mon Jan 2 22:49:09 CST 2017

 is same manual..
the 16 P is the machine in ebay.  yea  a beauty. 
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SMECC's book is on 16 c 
talks about adding front panel and display  etc... 16 sw and 16  led  book 
dated jan 74
16c seems to designate  the card  maybe  16 b is inclusive  of  PS an add  
on panel and case..
also have a 8C book too.
ED#  _www.smecc.org_ ( 
Odd I was just  going though a crate  3 hours ago... what are  the odds
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I have manual. 
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>> This system looks pretty  interesting, though pricey. I'm thinking it
>> is going to be a  development machine as all the switches and display
>> would not  probably have been on a production machine.
>> I don't  think National made many minicomputer format machines, in
>> their  history, someone correct me. That might make this pretty rare
>> on  that front as well.
>> thanks
>>  Jim
>>  Beautiful-1974-NATIONAL-SEMICONDUCTOR-COMPUTER-model-imp-16p/
>  Yeah, it's pretty cool but I don't think the seller has reasonable
>  expectations for actually selling it -- the auction started (I  believe)
> at $1500 (which may have been a reasonable price), then the  seller
> raised it to $2500, now it's at $3500 (which is fairly  outrageous, in my
>> opinion). I'm not sure what his strategy  is.
>> Bitsavers has manuals (of course...)
>> -  Josh
> I think he figured toggle switches and lights = $$$$. He might  be 
correct, given the obscene money I've seen laid out just for a PDP 8/e  faceplate. 
You never know a) what will motivate a collector and b) when just  the 
right collector for a given item will show up. Every day I thank my  lucky stars 
they didn't, for whatever reason, show up for my Mark-8  boards.

With the "No shipping cash on pickup" proviso the seller  provides, I 
feel fairly certain no one's biting. But I've been surprised  before...

-  Josh

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