Hollerith cars available (ebay warning).

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Tue Jan 3 03:31:32 CST 2017

Sorry for posting the National machine w/o an Ebay warning.

Anyway anyone that has a home keypunch will possibly be interested in 
this guy.

I have ordered up a pile, as I doubt they will show up this cheap unless 
someone takes it on themselves to manufacture them as the earlier 
discussions suggested.  Not holding my breath for that.

I don't personally care that there is a lot of crap printed on them, 
rather than the column indexes.  The machines don't read that, and the 
top band is clear for my keypunches to write there with whatever is on 
the card.


Has cases of 2000 and also cases of 5 x 2000 = 10000 cards (look for the 
5 case auction separately)


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