Desparately seeking Cromemco chassis (UK)

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Tue Jan 3 13:39:37 CST 2017

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Subject: Desparately seeking Cromemco chassis (UK)

> Wishing all here a very Happy New Year!
> Along with some other folks in 2017 I have decided I am going to ripple
> through all of my vintage systems and warm their beautiful and friendly
> caches.
> I won't have a problem with my BBC Micro, Atari 1040ST, Amiga 500's, 2000's,
> 3000 and 4000 and the PowerMac's but what I really would like is to bring my
> Cromemco back on line. I have the cards (DPU, 256KZ, 16FDC plus sundry
> others e.g. Quadart, IOP) and drives (Tandon TM100 5" and dual TM848 8") but
> although I have a naked Blitz Bus I lack a decent chassis. This is a plea
> for any kind soul  with a spare or unwanted chassis who is prepared to let
> one go to help me out. Ideally a CS/3 chassis would be preferable however a
> Z2D, Z2 or even a System 1 chassis would be gratefully given a loving and
> permanent home.
> Naturally, given the weight of same, I expect I would have to pick up or
> arrange transport so regretfully any offers would have to be UK-based. The
> CS/3, and the Z2/Z2D had power supplies designed to handle a fully loaded
> bus of 21 S-100 cards (although I never handled one with more than 12 or so)
> and were one of those rare systems which could pass Navy certification i.e.
> survive being stood on by a rating in full gear and boots so were quite
> substantial.
> I would also be very interested in a 64FDC and any 5Mb or 20Mb IMI drives as
> I have a WDI-II controller, alternatively an STDC controller.
> James
> ----
> James Attfield
> West Midlands, UK
A shame that there's a big pond between us since I'll probably be scrapping a CS-3 and a CS-300 soon. I'll probably also be selling a CS-1, but I imagine it'd also be expensive to ship overseas.

However, I might be able to help you out with a 64FDC and an IMI drive (how about an 8" 7710? ;-) and/or an STDC; contact me off-list.

BTW, if you can find a somewhat more common ST506 20MB IMI drive as used in PCs and Corvus boxes (e.g. eBay 111754572263, but cheaper) then all you'd need is the logic board off a (scrap?) IMI-interface version in order to use it with your WDI-II. 

It will take me a while to get around to digging this stuff out and testing it though, so I hope you're not in a hurry...

I'll cross-post your request on the Cromemco mail list just in case someone else has something for you.


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