LGP-30 Memory Drum Update

Klemens Krause krause at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Jan 4 09:03:35 CST 2017

On Wed, 4 Jan 2017, Christian Corti wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Jan 2017, Al Kossow wrote:
>> There are running LGP-30s. Should be short work with a digital oscillosope 

> We both have analog recordings (from digitizing scopes) and logic analyzer 
> dumps. So concerning the LGP-30, all relevant information about the drum has 
> been saved :-)

We have a second LGP-30 drum in our museum. It is damaged by water.
(large rusted areas, probably from water between heads and drum).
I'm dreaming to wash the brown oxide coating off with a solvent like
acetone, polish the drum and repaint it.
As magnetic paint I would try iron oxide from audio tapes solved in 
acetone or some other solvent.
Perhaps one could ask an airbrush artist to do this.
Rumours say, that the drums originally also were coated "by hand".
Rewriting the timing tracks should not be impossible with todays
There is another guy here in germany, who has a LGP-30 with heavily
corroded drum. That would be certainly interesting for him.



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