Where are the cctech archives before November 2014 ?

Walter F.J. Mueller w.f.j.mueller at retro11.de
Wed Jan 4 08:29:34 CST 2017


after I remarked in November last year that the cctech archives have been `lost`
Jay West responded

 > Walter....
 > I think you need to ask a few questions before you toss that kind of nonsense out.
 > For your info - this is a hobby. It is done in spare time. The time period you
 > peak of - the archives have NOT been lost. Because unlike what you intone - we
 > do care. Those archives are safe and sound, just not in a publicly accessible
 > format. One of our kind list members has been working for eons to reconstruct
 > the publicly viewable content from them.
 > I will tell him that you are going to volunteer to help him.

Well, it is certainly true that the archives visible under
only go back to November 2014.

Thanks to the Internet Archive there is a full backup of the older
archive sections readily available online. Simply open


and one gets all archives from October 2014 back to February 2005.

There I found the postings I was looking for, and updated my links to use
http://web.archive.org/. That's all.

So in a wider sense nothing is lost, one has to search in the right place.

		With best regards,  Walter

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