LGP-30 Memory Drum Update

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Wed Jan 4 17:58:18 CST 2017

On 1/4/2017 7:56 AM, allison wrote:
> Sperm oil was a high quality wax/lubricant. Its low viscosity and high 
> resistance to oxidation
> were its high points.  Its likely use was as a plasticize the binder 
> and surface. 
As far as I know it is illegal to purchase or transfer now.  Not to 
possess.  I have the supply my father had because he was a watchmaker.  
he had bought a lifetime supply in the 40's and it is still 90% there.  
But I can't transfer it.

He used a very small drop in a small dimple holder with a cap over it 
for about a year.  A sharp needle provided all that was placed on watch 

I'm sure it would be ideal for this application, but can only agree with 
Allison about the properties of it now days.


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