LC8-P (M8365) PDP8 printer interface schematics

David Gesswein djg at
Wed Jan 4 19:21:25 CST 2017

I would also be interested in schematics. I have just started looking at this
board to try to use it with a ODEC/Data 100 chain printer.

> Looking at the LA180 manual's description of the LC8-P interface, it
> is pretty close to Centronics. I expect it is more than just a cable,
> though, because there is also an OMNIBUS Centronics printer interface
> board (LS8-E). That schematic is on bitsavers.
It looked to me the LA180 protocol is demand and busy high when ok
to send character then the data is strobed in with data strobe pulse.

Centronics is handshaked with strobe and busy so a little different.

The board is simple enough that tracing it out is feasible if needed.
Haven't plugged in the board yet to see how the signals behave.
Still working on the printer.

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