LC8-P (M8365) PDP8 printer interface schematics

Al Kossow aek at
Thu Jan 5 09:56:55 CST 2017

we have them

i'll see about getting them on line by noon

On 1/4/17 5:21 PM, David Gesswein wrote:
> I would also be interested in schematics. I have just started looking at this
> board to try to use it with a ODEC/Data 100 chain printer.
>> Looking at the LA180 manual's description of the LC8-P interface, it
>> is pretty close to Centronics. I expect it is more than just a cable,
>> though, because there is also an OMNIBUS Centronics printer interface
>> board (LS8-E). That schematic is on bitsavers.
> It looked to me the LA180 protocol is demand and busy high when ok
> to send character then the data is strobed in with data strobe pulse.
> Centronics is handshaked with strobe and busy so a little different.
> The board is simple enough that tracing it out is feasible if needed.
> Haven't plugged in the board yet to see how the signals behave.
> Still working on the printer.

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