Cleaning RK05 packs (Was: LGP-30 Memory Drum Update)

David Bridgham dab at
Thu Jan 5 17:24:55 CST 2017

On 01/05/2017 12:22 PM, js at wrote:
> It's very mild and has been aluminum safe for me (think, aluminum
> wheels on cars).

This question of whether Simple Green was aluminum safe came up in the
aircraft world a few years back and the answer turned out to be that
some ingredient in there is mildly corrosive to aluminum.  Not badly so
and if you managed to flush it off with water then no problem but if a
bit of cleaner were to weep into a crack and not get get cleaned off
then over time it might be a problem.  Not too long after that Simple
Green came out with a new formulation, Simple Green Extreme or something
like that, that *was* aluminum safe.  So look for the Simple Green
that's sold for cleaning airplanes if you're cleaning around aluminum.


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