Cleaning RK05 packs (Was: LGP-30 Memory Drum Update)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Jan 5 18:15:27 CST 2017

On 01/05/2017 03:24 PM, David Bridgham wrote:

> This question of whether Simple Green was aluminum safe came up in
> the aircraft world a few years back and the answer turned out to be
> that some ingredient in there is mildly corrosive to aluminum.  Not
> badly so and if you managed to flush it off with water then no
> problem but if a bit of cleaner were to weep into a crack and not get
> get cleaned off then over time it might be a problem.  Not too long
> after that Simple Green came out with a new formulation, Simple Green
> Extreme or something like that, that *was* aluminum safe.  So look
> for the Simple Green that's sold for cleaning airplanes if you're
> cleaning around aluminum.

Freon TF works well on everything.  Too bad it's not available.

Is it still used for aircraft electronics?


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