Cleaning RK05 packs (Was: LGP-30 Memory Drum Update)

allison ajp166 at
Thu Jan 5 11:23:32 CST 2017

On 1/5/17 8:36 AM, E. Groenenberg wrote:
> We have a similar common name for it being 'brand spiritus'.
> It's basically 90% - 92% alcohol, with the rest being methanol and water
> and it's color is blue-ish.
> Ed
> --

In the past from the local print and painting supplier "De-natured alcohol"
Usually in a pint or gallon can (this is USA).  I also buy Lacquer thinner,
Acetone, Ethanol (99.4pure) and MEK in the same form all powerful
solvents and better than 99% pure.

Rubbing alcohol is ok save for its isopropanol plus water (either 70% or 
The latter 91% is safe for many uses and is water clear it leaves no 
(however one must assure its dry after).

There is also Rubbing Alcohol that is ethanol plus water with an added 
(toxic) to render it safe for skin use and not for drinking.

GC chemicals supplies two different residue free solvent cleaners.

My favorite head cleaner was banned in many places Xylene, takes curd
off like no tomorrow.  May melt the user too.

As to cleaning and repairing the drum... DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING UNTIL
YOU ARE SURE of the process to be applied.  That applies to solvents, wipes,
and all.  Use gloves!  Test solvents near an edge or other area that is 
not critical.


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> On Thu, January 5, 2017 14:22, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>>      > From: Klemens Krause
>>      > We clean our RK05 disks in a very robust way: with cheap burning
>> spirit
>>      > and paper towels. ... We rubbed away thick black traces from
>> occasional
>>      > head crashes and we never removed the oxide coating with this
>> torture.
>> I am about to get a large batch of RK05 packs, so I am interested in the
>> details of this.
>> First, what is 'burning spirit'? (I assume this is a straight translation
>> into English of some German term, but not knowing German... :-) After
>> poking
>> around with Google for a while (hampered no little by the fact that it's
>> the
>> name of a band, and also a term in World of Warcraft :-), it seems like it
>> might be acetone?
>> 	Noel

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