Cleaning RK05 packs (Was: LGP-30 Memory Drum Update)

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Thu Jan 5 11:47:36 CST 2017

On 1/5/17 10:56 AM, Mouse wrote:
>>> In the US, "rubbing alcohol" is mostly denatured ethanol (though "isopropyl$
> Interesting.  I don't think I've ever seen a bottle of "rubbing
> alcohol" that was anything but isopropanol-and-water.  But I'm more
> Canadian than US.
Many are possible in the local apothecary (aka drug store in local lingo).

ISO70% + water
ISO91% + water
Ethanol (denatured)+ water

Then there are products with oil of wintergreen (green color) and other 
and are identified on label.

>> I would suggest avoiding these blends of random chemicals made with no real $
> Or, more precisely, with _different_ concern for purity.  For rubbing
> alcohol you want to avoid biologically active contaminants, but
> dissolved solids per se don't matter.  Here, you care about dissolved
> solids but don't much care about things that might be biologically
> active, as long as they evaporate without residue.
Generally there are no solids in the first three and are safe for 
cleaning gear
is the materials are not affected by the alcohol in use.

> Which leads me to tentatively suggest gasoline (West Pondian) / petrol
> (East Pondian), since it seems to me that will go to some lengths to
> avoid fouling engines with residues.  And it's available pretty much
> universally, and relatively cheaply.
NO!  Highly flammable and contains a laundry list of things.  Good 
enough for cleaning
an engine of oil (with great care).  Oddly Kerosene (aka paraffin) can 
be had as (K1 crystal)
highly refined.  Again it can acquire impurities from the source but can 
also be purchased
in small containers for camp stoves and lamps.

> Or am I wrong about it not leaving even trace residues?
There is what was called "white gas" that was pure petrol extracts 
without additives.
These days if you see it its for camp stoves and lights and not cheap.

> Of course, anyone with distillation equipment could distil any of these
> to get something with less residue.  But not everyone has chem-lab
> glassware.
Or the temperature controls to not render unsafe(highly flammable) 
lighter gasses

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