12 years later sill looking for...

allison ajp166 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 5 19:38:56 CST 2017

<<I happen to have a Atlantic Research Inc, serial datascope. It
contains <<several boards [std bus z80, rom/ram card, CRT5027 based crt
controller Card] <<however no manual. Someday I'll track down at least a
schematic and fix <<the CRT. The boards say T-Bar on them so the
instrument may even be from <<another company with the ACI label. It
would be fun to get it operational. I repaired the CRT and foudn it
generally less than useful and repurposed the CRT, Power supply and case
for a Embedded ELF system... with disk. So now I have the three STD
boards and 4 slot backplane... THey do have T-BAR on them and I can do
one of two things with them strip them for the CPU, SIO, RAM, EPROM,
SMC5027E CRTC. As is without manuals or other useful info they are junk
to be reused. Ideally with far more detailed info like schematics make a
dedicated z80 system. So I post it again... Allison

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