Cleaning RK05 packs (Was: LGP-30 Memory Drum Update)

Christian Corti cc at
Fri Jan 6 03:47:05 CST 2017

On Thu, 5 Jan 2017, E. Groenenberg wrote:
> We have a similar common name for it being 'brand spiritus'.
> It's basically 90% - 92% alcohol, with the rest being methanol and water
> and it's color is blue-ish.

German "Spiritus", as it's called here, usually is 94% ethanol, 1-2% 
butanone and water. Surely no methanol as this is lethal. Also no dye. 
Spiritus is a clear and highly volatile liquid. It's also very cheap, a 
one liter bottle is around 2 Euros.


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