Boot Loader for 3P+S on IMSAI

Win Heagy wheagy at
Fri Jan 6 18:31:38 CST 2017

I have an IMSAI that I am restoring.  The basics appear to be working
(front panel, CPU and RAM cards).  I have a Processor Tech, 3P+S card
that is next on the list for testing.  I have the manual, but the card
was not configured for RS-232...not sure what it was configured for
but it doesn't match anything in the manual.  I plan to reconfigure it
for RS-232. I'm trying to locate boot loader code for that board to
allow serial uploading of files from a PC to the IMSAI? I have boot
loader code for a 2SIO board on an Altair that I restored awhile back,
and would like to find something similar for the 3P+S. I want to be
able to toggle in a boot loader routine and then initiate an upload
from the PC to IMSAI -- something similar to this
(at 1:10s in) but with a 3P+S board on an IMSAI.

Also, a picture of your RS-232 configured card and wiring of the edge
connectors would be helpful to make sure I get things right.  Any help
is appreciated.

Thanks, Win
wheagy at

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