Friden Auxiliary Reader

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Sat Jan 7 17:14:53 CST 2017

I would guess a flexowriter. I havn't seen one with two readers, but when I worked for an Insurance Company ours had two punches (and one reader). 
They were used to print Policies and capture the policy information for the master file as these were mixed case documents and the line printers we had were upper case only.
The input tape contained the Policy wording and had stop codes that marked the places for the variable information, such as policy holder, life assured, premium etc.
As the dataentry operator typed these they were captured on one punch for input to the Mainframe, a Honeywell H200 via a paper tape to mag tape converter,
and also onto a second tape that was re-read  to produce a fancy folder/wallet/encvolope into which the policy was inserted for safe keeping. If I can find any of my policies I will scan them.

I can envisage systems in which the variable information also came on paper tape, thus needing two readers on the Flexowriter, and there being codes on the tapes to switch between the two inputs...


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> I guess I'm on a roll, trying to find out what some things are in the collection.
> Any idea what this paper tape reader could've been connected to?
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