Friden Auxiliary Reader

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at
Sat Jan 7 17:20:47 CST 2017

On Jan 7, 2017, at 4:50 PM, Kyle Owen wrote:

> I guess I'm on a roll, trying to find out what some things are in the
> collection. Any idea what this paper tape reader could've been connected
> to?
> Thanks,
> Kyle


That reader teams up with Friden's "standard" Flexowriter, though they got used for lots of other applications. They even had a dual-read unit with a ganged clutch. The idea being you put your canned form letter on reader A and the reader B contains the names/addresses of your customers. 

I've got a dual-head unit here that was modified for use in color photography post-processing but the cable was cut off flush. One head was chrominance and the other luminance. -C

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