Unknown keyboard

Brent Hilpert bhilpert at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 8 21:07:53 CST 2017

Kyle Owen <kylevowen at gmail.com> writes:
> Does anyone have an idea what this keyboard went to? The "here is" key
> tells me it's likely a terminal, but the hex key pad is throwing me off.
> Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/zTgR2

On 2017-Jan-08, at 6:17 PM, Brian Walenz wrote:
> I've got one in the metal case.  On the back is a property tag:
> Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical
> E.T. "028400a"  [<- the 'a' in pen]
> Gov't I.D. "MDA9729530013"
> Prop. of "USAF"
> R-5051-2-REV.5-93
> Where the stuff in quotes is from a typewriter, the rest is form
> boilerplate.  There are also some inventory control stickers from 1999 and
> 2001.
> I made a new EPROM that made it output a unique code for each key, but I'd
> have to dig up the notes to say anything useful.  I never figured out what
> the daughter board was for and just removed it.

The daughterboard on the one in question has a 6402 on it, so can be expected to be a parallel to serial converter.

The daughterboard also has what appears to be "Ditronics" labeled on it.

A search turns up a currently existing Ditronics doing financial-world tech services, no idea whether it could trace back to the 80s keyboard.

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