Sunday brain tickler

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Jan 9 11:28:44 CST 2017

The web search breadth increases a bit when the term "No Problem" is
substituted for "103" when looking for Lanier documents.  Not much, but
there are some tidbits.

Such as:

" Its main drawback was that it was a page-oriented program as opposed
to a document-oriented program. You got only 99 lines on a page, and
then you had to store that on disk and start the next page. That made it
cumbersome to go back and review what was on previous pages. That
99-line limitation was in part a function of limited memory. In those
days memory was expensive and most computers had only 32K of RAM. The
Lanier No Problem was a 32K machine and both the program and the
document you were working on had to be in memory at the same time. To
get around these shortcomings the Lanier would repaginate, that is, take
your original document and break it up into pages of the length you
wanted. "


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