Stinky screwdrivers

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Jan 9 14:30:53 CST 2017

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 3:28 AM, Adrian Graham
<witchy at> wrote:
> We have 2 or 3 sets if Xcelite nut spinners at work with the torque sleeve
> and they've always stunk, I started there in 2004 and they weren't new then
> so it's obviously been a thing for a long while!

I have some Xcelite tools from the early 1980s.  They have been stinky
for over 30 years.  The large amber handles with the metal insert (for
screwdrivers and nutdrivers) even frequently accumulate a crusty white
"rind" that wipes off with a little effort, but returns after sitting
in a drawer for a few months.  Definitely a butyrate stink (I used to
run chemistry shows at The Center of Science and Industry - one was on
Esters... we mixed a variety of alcohols with a variety of fatty acids
and let the audience smell the results... it was all fun and games
until I spilled 200ml of Butyric Acid on myself...  :-P  )

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