Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls of the 1980s and 1990s

Johannes Thelen johannesthelen at hotmail.com
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How about this cover from German computer magazine Computer Programmert Zur Unterhaltung?


...looks like cover of German film, you know what kind of film... I would love to know why that photo. Is there article "How to kill your sex life with 64 kilobytes?"

> Dr Legendre wrote:

>I liked the one with the guy seated at a "desk" which is apparently
>outfitted with nothing more than a color dot-matrix printer and a telephone
>set. Must be a serious power-user, then..

Or he is typical 80s yuppie, he has no ****** clue about the computers (nor printers), he has reach state where he can sit behind the printer, get good pay checks and look girls in the office all day long. In the phone he is trying to get cocaine and supermodels to his mansion. What a great job he has! (...until stock market crashes...)

>Peter Corlett wrote:
>However, CRASH and Zzap!64 had some rather homoerotic covers instead, painted
>by Oli Frey. Just the thing for confused teenage boys still too young to reach the
>top shelf in the newsagent's.

Probably become marked as a sexual minorty by buying the magazine wasn't only reason for death of the Zzap!64, bigger problem was at the 90s that you become marked as C64 user ;)


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“Awesome German computer magazine cover from 1983”

- Johannes Thelen

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On Fri, Jan 06, 2017 at 06:45:56PM +0100, Liam Proven wrote:
> An image gallery of cheesy -- and cheese-cakey -- magazine covers from
> what were for me the golden days.
> But the UK mags weren't ever like this.

Most weren't. I have an issue of one of the unofficial Mega Drive magazines
from the early 90's which did have a hot picture of Madchen Amick inside the
back cover.

Andrew Burton
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