pdp-11 assembly standards

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Tue Jan 10 12:11:10 CST 2017

Noel Chiappa wrote:

>     > From: Phil Budne
>     > I've always assumed the P in PAL was for paper tape.
>     > The Wikipedia artile for PDP-8 says that PAL-8 assembled from paper
>     > tape into memory, so the A and L could have been for Assembler and
>     > Loader.
> I have a number of different versions of the "PDP-11 Paper Tape
> Software" manual, and the earliest one (DEC-11-GGPB-D, March '71)
> turns out to be for PAL-11A, and it says it stands for "Program
> Assembly Language for the PDP-11's Absolute Assembler" (pg. 3-1).

Someone with a talent for making lists (*cough*Phil*cough*) ought to
compile a comprehensive table with all PAL and MACRO variants.

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