What's the rarest or most unusual computer-related item do you own?

Jerry Kemp other at oryx.us
Tue Jan 10 17:44:02 CST 2017

Wow, that must have taken a lot of will power to give that up.  If I had it, I'm 
not sure I could have done that.

It's none of my business, but......fingers crossed.....that your 3b2 stuff made 
it to Seth Morabito, the gentleman who is working on the 3b2 emulator project 
and is in need of hardware and documentation to continue.


On 01/10/17 04:31 PM, Tom Manos wrote:
> I just gave away my pride and joy: an AT&T 3B2 1000 in perfect
> condition with just about every accessory you could want and fully
> configured. It was a dual processor system, and fully maxed out with
> RAM and ports. It had an ethernet card and SCSI,
> I collected boards and documentation for many years and had a complete
> set of original docs, and many, many spares.
> I was downsizing and ended up giving it away to another denizen of the
> list along with a couple Sparc 20's and a bunch of other stuff. It
> completely filled up a rental SUV and traveled from Virginia to a
> state way out west. Many hundreds of pounds of stuff.
> It's happily running now.
> I miss it, but hopefully it's getting more use than I was giving it.
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 5:09 PM, Andy Cloud <r3trohub at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> I thought this would be an interesting question to ask around - What's the
>> rarest or most unusual computer-related item do you own?
>> For me, personally, I have a Altair 8800!
>> Looking forward to hearing your answers
>>> _Andy

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