What's the rarest or most unusual computer-related item do you own?

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That is amazing Ian !  -   Photo?
Wonder  what the  ticket  was  for that back in its new  day...
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I'd have  to say my VAX 6000-600.  It has six processors, and therefore  is
alternatively known as the VAX 6660 - the Devil's VAX.  :-)   I've not been
able to boot it because I don't have three-phase power to my  house.
However, I've been informed that the H405 can be rewired to run  correctly
off dryer power, which I do have.  That's one of the (many)  projects on my
post-dissertation list.

With six processors and a  half-gigabyte of RAM, I've been told this is
probably the most built-out  VAX 6600 remaining.  -- Ian
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