What's the rarest or most unusual computer-related item do you own?

Erik Baigar erik at baigar.de
Wed Jan 11 07:03:20 CST 2017

Hi together!

Really an impressive amount of replies and quite cool equipment which
gets preserver all over the world! Really great!

>From my side I have various MIL-SPEC gear. (1) First of all an intertial
navigation system Ferranti FIN1010 from the early 1970ties containing an
archaic bitserial computer with 16/32 bit word length (can be switched
on the fly by toggling a bit - Architecture unique and some mixture of
Ferranti Pegasus and Argus):


(This is restored to working condition, see my older video on YouTube:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EQqfxiGgd8 I do only know of 4 such
systems still onlin on the world)

(2a) From the UK based Elliott 900 series, which existed in different
word lengths (12, 13 and 18 Bits) I restored a 12 bit variant since


This architecture appeared in the late 1960ties in all-transistor
computers. My core memory based machine is to my knowledge the
last and only one operating 12 bit baby in private hand. There
may be ROM based ones still in service after 40+ years and I
have some details in my project page:


(2b) Recently I acquired an 18bit MIL variant of the 900 series I am
currently working on: 920ME. This probably is the latest implementation
of this architecture:


"Civil" variants of these machines have been very popular in the
UK throughout the 1960ties and 1970ties and of the 18 bitters
seven survived with some operational, but none is mine:


(3) I have got various MIL-SPEC computers from the US company
Rolm/Loral - these 16bit beasts are all restored to working
condition, have core (1602) or CMOS memory with mapping (MSE14)
and are compatible to the DG Nova/Eclipse machines:


To my knowledge of these machines there are only a few (<6) of
the 1602 operating and I do not know of any MSE ones restored
in private hand.

(4) Various Parsytec, Inmos and SGI gear which can not be called
rare or unusual.

    Happy comuting and it's great that stuff like the machines
    listed in the various mails gets preserved!

       Erik, Germany.

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