Fwd: Stinky screwdrivers

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Wed Jan 11 14:15:05 CST 2017

sön 2017-01-08 klockan 21:17 -0800 skrev Chuck Guzis: 
> On 01/08/2017 08:16 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
> > 
> > I sent this out to some friends at the end of December
> I've got a few large (not the torque-handle thing) from the late 60's
> Xcelite nutdrivers.   They don't smell and they're in fine condition.
> Must have been a formula change at some point.
> Reminds of the issue with cellulose acetate-based film and tape.  Most
> conscientious people placed said objects in airtight storage containers,
> which apparently is exactly the thing *not* to do.  I'm not aware of any
> process to reverse the decomposition.
> Old plastics in general are a nightmare for museum conservators.
> --Chuck

Haa. Ask the conservators at Borås museum about clothes made from
synthetic materials. They end up having to throw away designer clothes
from 60's and 70's due to the fact that the materials disintegrates !
And nothing can really be done - no pesticides which can prevent
plastics from disintegrating.

Borås museum due to the town's history as a clothing industry cluster
(think New York's cloth industry but of course smaller) has a large
collection of clothing.

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