Boot Loader for 3P+S on IMSAI

Win Heagy wheagy at
Wed Jan 11 12:28:06 CST 2017

Yes, I was able to run the echo characters test from the solivant site
as well as a couple other small upload tests, so I'm thinking it's a
delay issue or a configuration problem with the 3P+S and MITS BASIC.
Digging back into this on my IMSAI, I'm now remembering the
peculiarities of loading MITS BASIC when I was doing it on the Altair.
That picture will help.  I think I've already spotted something
without even having my actual card in front of me.

>Did you verify "echo characters" works?  There is a test program in the
>solivant site that explains this.  If so, then you very well may need to
>experiment with character delays when you download BASIC.  You can watch
>the lights and see when the various loaders load, that might help give you
>a clue where the failure point is.

>The extra pointers I added were things I found useful, but I was using the
>2SIO card.


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