Unknown 8085 opcodes

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jan 11 20:45:39 CST 2017

> Good list there, the onlinedebugger looked the most promising but it
> doesn't do 8080/8085 either.

I built a disassembler years ago to pick apart captured malware.  By
now it handles about a dozen ISAs.  While 8080 and 8085 are not on the
list, Z-80 is; adding 8080 would be a relatively simple thing.  I've
added that to my to-do list; if someone can point me to 8080/8085
machine language documentation that would save me some searching (which
is something I'm not much good at in these days when frickin'
*everything* is shoehorned into a Web page).

In case anyone is interested, I export it via git.  The thing to clone
is git://git.rodents-montreal.org/Mouse/disas, though it hasn't had
much testing off my systems and thus probably contains localisms.

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