Sol Terminal Color Photo, and PROMs

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Wed Jan 11 23:50:08 CST 2017

Hey guys,


Does anyone know if any color photos exist of the Sol 'Intelligent Terminal'
that appeared on the cover of Popular Electronics, July 1976?  I just
discovered that that Keytronics keyboard I bought on ebay (the one parted
out from a mystery 8080 terminal of some sort) is the same one they used for
the PE cover unit.  I found the artwork tonight on for the
original PCB.  If I could find a color photo it'd at least be possible to
build a replica of that unit someday.


I was curious too if anyone knew the story behind the four optional PROM ICs
that could be installed on the board.  The article only says 'Optional,
write in for details'.  Can't find any more info than that anywhere.  I
understand Processor Technology sort of dodged around PE's reluctance to
publish any more computer articles, and I'm wondering if the terminal could
be turned into a full blown computer with the aid of those PROMs.


To refresh - this is the keyboard I bought.


Definitely seems to be the same one - just different colors and legends on
the keys themselves.



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